FreeBitcoin bot 2018



1. First time?
Run reg.exe
In it, register a new account on FreeBitCoin and attach apikey with ruCaptcha
2. Not the first time?
Just run Start_bot.exe

The bot's actions are completely hidden, the process is shown in the bot window and is written in the logi.txt file
It is normal that nothing happens, if the logs are written and the line in the bot changes, then the bot is working!
The window may freeze and not maximize, this happens, but the main script is working properly.

It is better to disable the receipt of lottery tickets per roll, in the profile section.
Instead, they will give + 2rp, which you can spend on purchasing bonuses in the Rewards section.
The bot does not spend RP automatically, come in sometimes and buy what you want yourself (NOT EVERY DAY, ELSE WILL BE FUNNED!)

After registration, a Files \ data folder will be created with 2 files inside.
When a new version of the bot is released, you can simply transfer these files to the corresponding folder of the new bot so as not to lose accounts!
The new version of the bot will add FreeDogecoin and other faucets!

You don't have to worry about the accounts, to change the withdrawal address you need a confirmation from the email, but I don't have access to it.
Registration of a new account is needed exclusively for the referral system.

FreeBitcoin bot 2018 has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system