Google about BERT and exact keywords on pages


In a recent webmaster hangout, Google employee John Mueller answered a question about whether BERT makes the exact keywords on the page less important.

The question to Mueller sounded like this:
"Will the importance of Exact Keywords, Exact Match Keyphrases decrease with the BERT output?"

Answering the question, Müller noted that BERT has already been launched, therefore, it is not entirely correct to speak of it as something that is just being implemented. He also added that the main purpose of this algorithm is to improve understanding of queries and content.

As for the development of the search engine, changes in it really reduce the role of precise keywords:
“From my point of view, all of these changes that have taken place over the years are really leading in the direction that you no longer need to have exact keywords on your pages... All of these things are less important as long as you really match what the user is. looking for ".

He also added that reducing the role of exact keywords is not the goal of BERT and other algorithms. All of these algorithms are designed to enable Google to provide useful answers to search queries.

You can listen to Mueller's answer in the video below:

Google announced in October that the BERT algorithm is now used to process all queries in English. It was also later revealed that it was codenamed "DeepRank" prior to launch.