Google Ads automatically applies recommendations without recording it in the change history


PPCs noticed that members of the Google Ads program, which automatically applies recommendations in their accounts, did not show these changes in the change history.

Google Ads announced the launch of this program in January 2019. It has generated controversy among advertisers.

Earlier this month, Yael Consulting's Lior Krolewicz noticed an obscure change in one of his clients' accounts. It was later revealed that this client is a member of the program with automatically applied recommendations.

However, neither the company nor the agency was aware of the changes made, and they were not displayed in the change log. To view the applied recommendations, you need to log into the Auto Applied Recommendations Control Center, they are not visible in your account.

According to Krolevich, this program allows Google to automatically make changes in 33 parts of the account.

Ultimately, Krolevich's client quit this program.