Google Ads has made changes to the rules for verifying the identity of advertisers


In January 2021, Google Ads updated the rules for verifying the identity of advertisers, adding additional clauses on the use of information received. This is reported in the Service Help.

From now on, information provided by advertisers during verification will be used to:
  • Advertiser Identity Verifications
  • Displaying basic information about the advertiser in ads: name, name of the company that he represents, location.
Over time, Google will also make publicly available information about the advertiser's Google Ads account and campaigns, including:

  • The history of the organization's name change;
  • Advertising creatives;
  • Dates and locations of your ads;
  • Ads and accounts removed / blocked for political or legal reasons;
  • Organization contacts.
Personal contact information, phone numbers and email addresses will not be published.

Expansion of the launch of the verification program

Google Ads alsoannounced the launch of an advertiser verification program in 11 new countries: Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Poland, France, Croatia, Estonia and South Africa. Prior to that, it was available in Canada, India, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

As a reminder, Google Ads started verifying advertisers earlier this month and sent out relevant alerts.