Google BERT was codenamed "DeepRank" before launch


A few weeks ago, Google published a movie on how search works. One part of this video was about the launch of BERT. As it turned out, the project was codenamed "DeepRank" internally.

DeepRank, aka BERT, was officially launched on Google search in October 2019.
A Google spokesman confirmed this information in a comment from Search Engine Land:
"DeepRank was the internal codename for BERT that we announced to launch in October 2019."
In other words, DeepRank and BERT are one and the same.
The conversation about BERT starts around the 42nd minute of the film:

In October, it became known that Google BERT is currently being used to process all queries in English. A year ago it was only 10%.


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Am I the only one who doesn't follow the names of Google algorithms? I'm just trying to make my site more convenient and useful :rolleyes: