Google Fixed The Indexing Issue Again & Again


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Google has confirmed yesterday that they fixed the indexing issue that started Thursday night with Google indexing new content. It is a similar issue from the day prior to that where Google stopped indexing new fresh content as well. Both are now supposedly fixed and fully resolved.
The first issue took less than a day to fix, this one took over two days to fully resolve, although most of that issue seemed to have been resolved later on throughout Friday. Here are Google's tweets related to this issue from Thursday night:

Danny Sullivan from Google said it was mostly fixed on Friday:

But again, Google didn't fully fix the issue or say it was fully fixed until Sunday afternoon.

Danny Sullivan from Google told me the issue was related to indexing new content but it was different, some how, some way:
As we said before, It has been a rough couple months for Google around indexing and Google search. on Thursday night we had an indexing issue, we had this indexing issueearlier last week, in early April pages dropped out of the Google index, and it took them a few weeks to fully fix when you count in the 16-day Search Console data loss. Google had bugs with picking the correct canonical as well, also an issue with indexing Google Newscontent, cache date issues, problems with both recipe markup and mobile friendly issuesand so much more.