Google has resumed its tool for sending indexing requests


Last week, Google relaunched its search engine indexing tool in Search Console. It has been disabled for 69 days.

This was posted on Twitter:


This feature is now available again in the URL validation tool:


Search team members also recalled that:

  • If you have a large number of URLs, you should submit a sitemap to Google, rather than requesting indexing through Search Console;
  • Submitting index requests does not guarantee that the URL will be included in Google's index. Its systems prioritize fast indexing of high quality and useful content.
As a reminder, Google announced a temporary shutdown of the tool for sending indexing requests in October. This was due to changes to the Search Console infrastructure.


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That's great news! Having the ability to request indexing for new or updated content can be really helpful for website owners and developers to ensure their changes are reflected in Google search results in a timely manner. Keeping up with these kinds of updates can be crucial for anyone who relies download on search engine visibility for their online presence.