Google is Fixing a Bug That’s Causing Search Results to Not Fully Render


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Google has confirmed it’s aware of a bug that’s causing search results to not fully render for some people.

According to complaints lodged in the Google supports forums, and on Twitter, this bug has been affecting people for at least a couple of days.

Again, not everyone is running into this issue. Search results are loading perfectly fine for most people.

While others, like this person in the Google forums, see a screen that looks like the one below:


As shown in the example above, the bug is causing search results to only partially render before the screen goes blank.

Many others have responded to the thread saying they have the same problem as well.

I combed through Twitter for any other mentions of this bug and only managed to find a handful of tweets.

That could mean the issue is not very widespread. It could also mean people simply aren’t rushing to Twitter to complain about it.

Google’s Danny Sullivan, via the Search Liaison Twitter account, issued the following statement on July 24 at 3:30 pm EST:

So far, that’s the only word from Google regarding this issue. I expect we’ll get another statement when more information is available.