Google On Mega-Menus: Nothing To Be Concerned About, Yet...


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John Mueller of Google posted on Twitter asking "How do you feel about "mega-menus" on ecommerce sites?" He then followed up saying there is "no secret announcement lined up" around Google penalizing e-commerce sites with mega-menus.

That being said - he is asking about mega-menus, specific to e-commerce sites. Maybe the topic came out with the search ranking team and how maybe some sites may be using these mega-menus to kind of manipulate Google some how? Or maybe not? But again, Google's John Mueller asked the community about it and then was quick to say no announcement is lined up around mega-menus.

But there is a super interesting conversation and thread of thoughts from the SEO community on Twitter around mega menus...

What do you think of mega-menus? Should Google come up with some guidelines to police them going forward?