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We have just issued an update regarding ReCaptcha solution on a webpage.

Unfortunately it didn't work very well. We do provide some valid and working tokens now and google search parsing started to work again, but we still have some problems with tokens too. We are investigating the issue further. Our goal is to reach our usual 98%-99,5% amount of valid tokens.
We will keep you informed about latest updates regarding this issue in this thread.


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Worker's cookies
First thing we did was useless.
One of our competitors insists that you've got to set a worker's cookie which worker receives when solving a captcha. Because of that lots of customers demand this functionality. Ok, we did it.

Now, when requesting a captcha in JSON (add &json=1 to your request), we will return all worker's cookies he has when a token was made along with captcha resolution.


What we do now.
Ok if we started work around cookies, now we also support sending customer's cookie to worker. So when worker solves a captcha he has the same cookies as customer who requested a solution.


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You may send us a UserAgent parameter. If you do, a worker will solve your captcha with your UserAgent.

Use UsarAgent parameter to send it.

You may also send your proxy. It will be set on a worker's software before he loads your captcha so all requests could be performed via given proxy server.

According to reports, using of a proxy could make solving rate up to 100%, but after 10-20 captcha solved via given proxy new tokens became invalid.

How to make a request to send a proxy
Add "proxy" parameter in following format:
and "proxytype" parameter indicating type of your proxy: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.
If your proxy has access control, add our IP address as allowed.

It is safe to send us your proxy. We will never use it and our workers will not be able to detect it, as we only use it on our gate and we provide a temporary login and password to workers.
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Receiving your cookies in in.php
If you want our workers to send your captcha requests with your cookies, you may send it to us as follows:

Add a "cookies" parameter to your request to in.php. ":" separates cookie name from it's body and ";" separates different cookies like this:



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What now
Unfortunately we close a lot of captcha with this error. This is because a captcha could not be loaded in worker's software. And we can't load it again and give to another worker because token will not be valid then.
This is our concern for now. Note that we do not charge you for that, the funds for such requests will be refunded.

2. Amount of incorrect tokens
It is not that high as before but we are still working on improvement.


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Send your cookies and proxy
Suddenly recaptcha solving when using your cookie and proxy resulted in 100% valid tokens! Please read of how to send it in our posts above.

1. Do not use cookies you received from 2catpcha with a token.
Send us cookies you've got on your browser for host along with your request to in.php.

2. If you don't have cookies from, for example, if you parse from host, then you parser never visited and you don't have it's cookies. Then you need to change an algorithm. First go to and get a cookie once per session. Then when you've got to bypass captcha, send these cookies to us along with captcha solution request.
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How you get cookies if you parse and has no cookies?
How could you get cookies from if you are solving on another website and parser never goes to before captcha arrives?
For example, you are parsing and you don't have cookies. All you need is to open and save it's cookies. Then, when you parse on and receives a captcha, send it to us.

If a token doesn't work for you or if we didn't solve a captcha for you, you can't just try to solve it again.
Instead, you must go back and get a new captcha from search. If you don't do that and will try to send same captcha again, your IP address will be banned by Google.

Mark Miller

2Captcha Engineer
FAQ on the topic:
1. Can recapthca be bypassed on google search?
2. Do I have update my code/software?
3. What exactly should I do?
Our suggestions:
  • If you use browser simulation - you MUST block execution of javascript from and, or just load only HTML code of the page outside the browser
  • you MUST provide data-s parameter
  • it is RECOMMENDED to provide your proxies and use them to interact with, rotate proxies after receiving 429 response
  • it is RECOMMENDED to provide your cookies to our API, we will use them on workers' side to solve the captcha. If you don't have cookies set by google, then open to get cookies before solving a captcha.
  • it is IMPORTANT to build a proper final URL, that should look like: then open the URL using the token and cookies


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We conclude that cookies doesn't matter, again. Moreover, part of our workers' software doesn't send cookie back, that's why sometimes we do not send it to you if you requested it.
Now our tests shows that cookie doesn't matter. It makes no better if you use it.

We are working hard on lowering unsolvable cases along with lowering the time the error returned. But this error is still bothering us. We are still investigating a ways to eliminate it. By the way, using a proxy sometimes makes it worse because if the proxy you have sent to us is not good enough and worker lost a connection during a resolution then your captcha will not be solved. Also a worker would not gain a reward for the job too, which is rather disappointing.

Is there a hope?
Absolutely yes. Now we are working on a solution which will guarantee you a working solution. We need few more days to develop it though. Stay tuned and you'll be amongst first to know about it.


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What news to the end of the week
Cookies - doesn't really matter.
Proxy - doesn't really matter.
UserAgent - doesn't really matter.
data-s - matters.

Current situation
There is still a problem with ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE. We close a lot of requests with this error. And it means you've got to refresh a page and send us a new data-s to solve a captcha. Hopefully we will find a workaround next week.

Percentage of valid tokens is back to 95%! Finally!


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New method to bypass a captcha on maps and other google services

You are sick and tired of ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE just as much as we do. So we keep searching.
Today we want to show you two new ways to bypass a captcha challenge on

Method 1. A new parameter "test=v"
Data-s is NOT needed anymore, proxy is a must.
In response you'll get URL containing GOOGLE_ABUSE_EXEMPTION. Open it to continue.

Method 2. A new parameter "test=r"
Data-s is NOT needed anymore, proxy is a must.
In response you'll get Q and g-recaptcha-responce. You know what to do with it.

How anti robot protection works on

You are already aware of that but let us repeat the theory again.
0. First, when you try to open a page with search results (for example but search engine decides that you are a robot and
1. redirects you on a page
2. you have to solve a captcha. After bypassing captcha challenge you have to send a POST-request to containing parameters:
g-recaptcha-responce: recaptcha token
q: yet another key from URL
continue: address where you got to a challenge at and where you are returned after completing the challenge, in our case
3. If the recaptcha token is valid then you will be forwarded with 302 redirect to a URL like that:,+16-Jun-2020+01:53:53+GMT
4. When you open it, you will receive a browser cookie GOOGLE_ABUSE_EXEMPTION with the same data as the URL you have opened previously.
After that you will be 302 redirected to initial page
5. You open with GOOGLE_ABUSE_EXEMPTION cookie. And then you are getting your search results.

That is how it works. Now what we propose. We decided to go further and not only we solve captcha but also communicate with

We've made two different methods to bypass a captcha. Both suppose that you will use your own proxy servers.

Method 1. GOOGLE_ABUSE address
Send us
pageurl - full URL of the page you are bypassing a captcha on
proxy - your proxy server address

data-s is NOT needed
After resolution we will provide an URL contains
google_abuse=GOOGLE_ABUSE_EXEMPTION parameter
You have to open it, receive a cookie, execute a redirect and then you'll get your search results.

Method 2, a new Q with valid g-recaptcha-responce
Send us
pageurl - full URL of the page you are bypassing a captcha on
proxy - your proxy server address

data-s is NOT needed
After resolution we will provide
g-recaptcha-responce: recaptcha token
q: new value, NOT from your pageurl
You have to perform a Step 2 actions, providing g-recaptcha-responce and q values.

What do both methods have in common
1. Only works using your proxy servers. Both Q and google_abuse are binded to your IP address. You've got to use the same proxy server to bypass a resolution which you send to us to get captcha solved.
2. Both methods are experimental. We can't guarantee a stable work yet.
3. In future we could change it and probably will only leave one of it as a main method.