Google: sites with adult content don't get rich results


Recently, Google employee John Mueller spoke in more detail about extended results for adult sites and the nuances associated with having diverse content on the site.

This issue was raised during a webmaster hangout on December 11th. One of the site owners asked Mueller what types of structured data markup are acceptable on adult sites, if at all.

None, according to Mueller. Google does not create rich results for sites with adult content. At the same time, there are no sanctions for using markup on such resources. In particular, manual sanctions or penalties for spam.

Safe Search filters determine whether a site is suitable for displaying in rich results.

One panelist asked if Google could create rich results for regular content pages on adult sites.

Mueller responded that if the site contains mostly adult content, then Google will filter out the entire domain to stay on the safe side and not put users at risk.

If there are separate subdomains that contain content aimed at a wide audience, then Google usually understands that these are completely different sites and handles them differently.

However, this also works the other way around: if the site contains some percentage of adult content, then the entire domain can be filtered by Safe Search.

To avoid filtering, it's best to move this content to a separate subdomain.

You can listen to Mueller's answer in full on the video: