Google to Support New COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema in Search Results


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Google search results will soon support a new type of schema markup designed for special announcements related to COVID-19.

The markup can be added now, but isn’t yet visible in search results.

According to an announcement on Twitter, Google will be supporting the schema markup in search results in the near future.

Structured data for COVID-19 special announcements can be used by any organization publishing urgent announcements that “affect schedules and other aspects of everyday life.”
Some examples of special announcements include:
  • Announcement of a shelter-in-place directive
  • Closure notice (for example, closing a school or public transportation)
  • Quarantine guidelines
  • Travel restrictions
  • Notification of a new drive-through testing center
  • Announcement of an event transitioning from offline to online, or cancellation
  • Announcement of revised hours and shopping restrictions
  • Disease spread statistics and maps
Here’s an example of what the markup for a shelter-in-place announcement looks like.

Since Google is still in the process of officially supporting this markup, it’s not yet known what a COVID-19 special announcement will look like in search results.

Bing Currently Supports COVID-19 Special Announcement Markup

Bing is way ahead of Google in adopting the new special announcement markup.

It was announced last week that Bing would support this markup in its search results.

See: Bing Supports New Schema Markup for COVID-19 Special Announcements

In addition to supporting the markup in search results, Bing uses it to pull in data for its new COVID-19 tracking map.

See: Bing Launches an Interactive COVID-19 Tracking Map
Since Bing’s announcement last week there have been new properties added to the special announcement markup.

The shelter-in-place announcement, for example, is a new property that was added since last week.

As the coronavirus situation escalates there may be further properties added as new needs arise.

The ability to markup quarantine guidelines is another property that was added recently.

For more information on how to add this markup to your website, see Google’s developer document here.