Solves and outputs the requestKey for hCaptcha using 2Captcha. This method requires a 2Captcha api key since writing a solver is impossible at this stage. It basically requires a human to solve it.

Important Note
This does not submit the Captcha for you since most websites use Cloudflare for their Captcha. How does this effect us? Well, it encrypts the requestKey whenever submitting it.

Recently Cloudflare changed the way of processing hCpatcha tokens after solving the captcha. Now tokens are not sent as plain text inside HTTP request to the back-end as it was before. Now tokens are encrypted with the javascript callback function before sending.

Source: https://2captcha.com/blog/hcaptcha-cloudflare-en

The issue with encrypting our own tokens is that it requires JavaScript injection which is beyond my knowledge. I want to keep this project in Python and Python only. 2Captcha recently released a Google Chrome Plugin that is able to "emulate" this encryption for you, but the code is not open-sourced (I haven't found it online). Sadly we will have to wait for a method to be released for this, I will keep doing my research around this topic to figure out a solution.

Documentation https://githubmemory.com/repo/KikoTheDon/hCaptcha-Solver-Dumper