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What if the program is configured on and there is no way to change the address of the anti-captcha server to

Unfortunately, not all software developers have added support for, so if in the program or script settings it is not possible to select a server for recognizing images, then follow the instructions below:

1. Find the hosts file, as a rule, it is located in the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ folder
2. Open the file in any text editor such as notepad the bottom add the lines
4. Save the file.

To check that the hosts file has been edited correctly, go to the site - the rucapcha should open.
If everything is done correctly, you can run your program and work, do not forget to put the KEY (captcha key) by taking it here

In addition to the above, notify the author of the program that you would be happy if he added support for the service to his program. We have a bonus program for developers - we pay 10% of all expenses for recognition that were made through his program.