How Can Blogger Outreach Help Your Website’s SEO?


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Blogger Outreach is the practice of identifying industry related blogger and reaching out to them. This is followed by requesting the bloggers to share your content on their platform. This transactional nature of the agreement is dependent on several factors.

For example, a blogger will only publish your content on his platform if the content is of a high quality. Some bloggers might want to exchange links and create a reciprocity. While others, might strictly opt for a monetary transaction.

Depending on what kind of blogger you are reaching out to, these three variables will matter.
At the very outset, let us list out some important questions about Blogger Outreach as a digital marketing strategy-
  • Does blogger outreach have an impact in improving a website’s metrics? YES
  • Does blogger outreach drive and redirect traffic to a website? YES
  • Does blogger outreach help climb Google’s SERPs? YES
  • Does blogger outreach improve revenues and sales? YES
Being one of digital marketing’s most effective strategies, blogger outreach has acquired quite a cult status in recent years. However, one of the most effective uses of blogger outreach is for SEO strategies.

Blogger Outreach and SEO: The Relationship

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, blogger outreach establishes and serves the complete eco-system. For example, it is a holistic strategy that is engineered to provide the most effective results for SEO.

An agency which offers blogger outreach service is an expert when it comes to exploring this as an SEO strategy. When you reach out to high authority publisher sites and ask them to share your content and backlink on their platform, you are doing the best SEO for your client.
However, for an effective SEO through blogger outreach, relevancy is very important. It is equally important that you only further your SEO goals through blogger outreach in a White Hat manner.

Yes, you might have a direct intention- SEO, however, blogger outreach is much more than that. If you want to bear fruits of a long term SEO strategy through blogger outreach you need to build real and meaningful relationships with bloggers.

Benefits of SEO Blogger Outreach

In the previous section, I have listed some of the most direct benefits of SEO through blogger outreach. However, let us look at some other ones.
  1. Blogger Outreach is the most ‘natural’ and ‘White Hat’ strategy of link building.
  2. Blogger Outreach is the most direct way of increasing traffic in the quickest possible time.
  3. Successful Blogger Outreach offers your website the secret sauce of SEO- ‘SEO Juice’.
Effective blogger outreach helps in building quality backlinks for your website. Quality backlinks in authority sites are viewed by Google as a parameter for better sites.

Once Google is convinced that the number and quality of the backlinks are good, your website climbs the SERPs. Higher you are on Google’s Page Rank, more is the chances of you getting hits on your products and services.


I have already mentioned that if done right, blogger outreach is digital marketing’s most potent strategy. However, as with all things, if done wrong, it can have disastrous effects.

If you are working through link resellers and like directories, you will be penalised by Google. No matter what anyone says or how hard they try Google will catch up to them. It will not be today, it will not be tomorrow, but it can be the day after that.

The crucial thing to do is to stay away from black hat and grey hat strategies. Bad blogger outreach strategies can reduce your metric scores or worse, get you de-indexed.

If you are working with agencies that offer blogger outreach service, you need to keep these things in mind.