How do I automatically fill a web form bypassing word captcha?



Filling out web forms is a routine task for many internet users, but it can become frustrating when faced with word captchas. These captchas, designed to differentiate between humans and bots, often require users to decipher distorted or obscured words, which can be time-consuming and annoying. However, there's a solution to streamline this process and automate form filling while bypassing word captchas: using the 2Captcha service along with its Chrome extension, Captcha Solver.

Word captchas are a common security measure used by websites to prevent automated submissions and spam. While effective, they can also hinder user experience, especially when users need to fill out multiple forms or perform repetitive tasks. Manually solving word captchas can be tedious and slow, slowing down workflows and wasting valuable time.

The Role of 2Captcha and Captcha Solver:
2Captcha is a service that utilizes human workers to solve captchas quickly and accurately. By outsourcing captcha solving to real people, 2Captcha ensures reliable results without the hassle of manual intervention. To complement this service, Captcha Solver is a Chrome extension developed by 2Captcha that seamlessly integrates with your browser, allowing you to solve captchas with just a few clicks.

Automating Web Form Filling:
With 2Captcha and Captcha Solver, automating web form filling becomes a breeze:
  1. Install Captcha Solver Extension: Start by installing the Captcha Solver extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, it will appear as a handy tool in your browser's toolbar.
  2. Configure Extension Settings: Configure the extension settings to your preferences, including your 2Captcha API key and any specific captcha solving options.
  3. Navigate to the Web Form: Go to the web form you want to fill out. When you encounter a word captcha, simply click on the Captcha Solver extension icon in your browser toolbar.
  4. Solve Captcha: Captcha Solver will automatically analyze the captcha, send it to 2Captcha for solving, and fill in the correct response. Once solved, the form filling process can continue seamlessly.
Advantages of Using 2Captcha and Captcha Solver:
  1. Accuracy: With real human workers solving captchas, you can trust the accuracy of the solutions provided by 2Captcha.
  2. Efficiency: Captcha Solver streamlines the process of solving captchas, saving you time and effort when filling out web forms.
  3. Convenience: The integration of 2Captcha with the Captcha Solver extension makes it easy to bypass word captchas without leaving your browser window.
By leveraging the power of 2Captcha and the convenience of the Captcha Solver extension, users can automate web form filling and bypass word captchas effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual captcha solving and enjoy a smoother browsing experience with this innovative solution. Install Captcha Solver today and streamline your form filling workflows with ease!


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Why bother automating web form filling? If you can't handle a simple captcha, maybe you shouldn't be using the internet. This just encourages laziness and undermines security.


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Automating web form filling can significantly improve productivity, especially for repetitive tasks. Utilizing services like 2Captcha along with the Captcha Solver extension offers a practical solution for bypassing word captchas, saving time and effort. Let's focus on efficiency and convenience without compromising security.


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I understand the concerns about security, but automation has its benefits, especially for users with busy schedules. Services like 2Captcha and Captcha Solver provide valuable tools to streamline workflows and reduce manual effort. Let's embrace technology while also being mindful of security measures to ensure a positive online experience for everyone.