How do I increase the visibility of my site's backlinks at

There is a nontrivial task, to increase DR in I am increasing backlinks, most of them are visible to Google (the pages where they are indexed by Google), but with ahrefs there is a big problem, there are very few links. And for some, six months have already passed, but he did not add them to the site's backlinks. It is unlikely that someone specifically asked this question (except, probably, Pakistanis and Indians on American forums, who sell links in batches), but may have noticed what features? Or maybe they have some api to throw all the links? I tried to simply check, after the link appeared, the pages in the ahrefs itself, but it did not work.
Make a massive donor post. DR will jump to 30 and higher purely due to the fact that dozens of other sites will start linking to donor pages with your link. Ahrefs' algorithm is quite primitive and is built on link weight flow, they do not take into account the quality of the sites themselves. Just why do you need DR? If you are not selling links, then it’s in vain.
Well, you are probably looking at links for a page, not a domain. Naturally, these are different pages for Ahrefs.
no, I'm looking for the domain, not the page. The difference is that I insert the domain name with and without https into ahrefs and it shows different results.