How to automatically solve Invisible reCAPTCHA Enterprise?



reCAPTCHA Enterprise is the newest type of captcha from Google. It can be used as V2 and V3 and provides website administrators an option to report the interaction result - was it a human or not.​
How to solve reCAPTCHA Enterprise using 2captcha:
  1. First step is to determine that Enterpise version of reCAPTCHA is used. The main Enterprise attributes are:
    • enterprise.js script instead of api.js is included on the page
    • grecaptcha.enterprise.METHOD calls in javascript code of the website instead of grecaptcha.METHOD
  2. Then you need to determine which implementation is used: V2, V2 Invisible or V3. It is quite easy, just follow the flowchart below, it works in 99% of cases.

  3. Find captcha parameters the same way it is done for V2 or V3.
    For V2 implementations there can be optional additional data used: in most cases that is a custom string value defined in s or data-s parameter. You can pass this data inside data-s request parameter.
    For V3 you may also need the action value. To find it you need to dive into javascript code of the website and find the grecaptcha.enterprise.execute call. Action is passed to this call. But keep in mind that action is optional and can remain undefined.
  4. Add an additional parameter enterprise=1 to your request to in.php endpoint and interact with our API the same way it is done when solving V2 or solving V3 to get the token, then use the token in the same way it is used on your target website.