How to automatically solve reCAPTCHA Callback?



Sometimes there's no submit button and a callback function is used isntead. The function is executed when reCAPTCHA is solved.

Callback function is usually defined in data-callback parameter of reCAPTCHA, for example:

Or sometimes it's defined as callback parameter of grecaptcha.render function, for example:

grecaptcha.render('example', {
  'sitekey' : 'someSitekey',
  'callback' : myCallbackFunction,
  'theme' : 'dark'

Also there's another way to find the callback function - open javascript console of your browser and explore reCAPTCHA configuration object:

Note that aa.l may change and there can be multiple clients so you have to check clients[1], clients[2] too.

Or just use the script that finds reCAPTCHA parameters

Finally all you have to do is to call that function:

Or even this way:

Sometimes it is required to provide an argument and in most cases you should put the token there. For example: