How to automatically solve TikTok captcha?


TikTok provide it's own captcha with different types of challenges: puzzle, select similar objects, etc.


Important: the methos is cookies-based. Cookies MUST be used within 3 seconds after our worker solved the captcha.

Due to that you need to get the solution from our API as fast as possible and use it immediately.
There are few methods to get the response immediately:

  1. Use WebSocket API - the most efficient and recommended method.
  2. Use Pingback - alternative method for cases when you can not use WebSocket API for some reason.
  3. If for some reason you can't use any of mentioned options, try to decrease the interval between the requests to res.php API endpoint. But in such cases there's a big risk of exceeding the limits especially if you solve multiple captchas of this type simultaneously.

    To bypass TikTok captcha:
    1. Find a values for aid and host parameters. The easiest way to do that is to redefine renderCaptcha function like this:renderCaptcha = ({aid, host}) => console.log(`aid: ${aid}, host: ${host}`)
      Just run this code in the javascript console of your browser and then perform an action that leads to the captcha challenge. The values will be printed in the console.
      It's enough to do that once. Values will be static for each page where you bypass the captcha.

    2. Clean your cookies and open a page where you need to bypass a captcha challenge. DO NOT PERFORM the action that leads to the captcha challenge.

    3. Get all of the cookies set by the website.

    4. Use all of the parameters required in a request to our API: cookies, aid, host and pageurl.
      When using HTTP API (in.php, res.php) cookies are sent as a string that contains key:value pairs separated by semicolon. For example: name:value;other_name:value2;one_more_cookie:value3. Do not include a domain name and other attributes.

    5. Get a response from our API. It will contain a set of cookies that you should apply in your browser or http client.
      Use the original domain cookies if needed when setting the cookies.
      After setting the cookies perform the action that is captcha protected (login or sign up button click, etc). If everything is fine and done within 3 seconds then captcha will not be displayed.

      JSON response example:
      {    "status": 1,
          "cookies": {
              "tt_webid": "6854206562317010438",
              "tt_webid_v2": "6854206562317010438",
              "SLARDAR_WEB_ID": "c0fb77f5-ceb6-4d16-a066-61f19df1593e",
              "s_v_web_id": "verify_kd4reawo_zpQVF8KK_FFMI_4zuE_8NiQ_hayRdXyiKYtZ"

      Plain text response example: