How to bring your article to the top?


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Hey. I am young SEO optimization.

I was tasked with bringing several articles from different sites to the top, using one key.

But in the top for this key I see articles that are more than one year old and are based on the negative. For example, I am writing an article about the iPhone and that it is cool, and in the top there are articles that write that the iPhone is rubbish.

How to outbid such competitors? I will not write that the iPhone is crap. But from the SEO I only remember that the site is updated (in this case, the article), the use of keys (there is one in the title) and in the text, but not in h1 or H2, I also remember about the title and discription, but when I read different topics I realized that they are not as relevant. I still remember when the title was about several keys separated by commas. Has registered violas for photos and pictures.

I took links to strengthen articles, but if Yandex still somehow reacted to such an increase, then Google is the exact opposite. Google can only see one of them, and even then not in the top.

Tell me what else can be done in this direction?

How can I help Google see these articles?

And how to interrupt the negativist on my key?


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You really have a difficult task. In Google, you can do 1000 actions, and as a result you won't move 1 position, just because it is unrealistic to move a competitor. It happens that he is simply hammered into the TOP 1 and nothing can be done about it.