How to bypass Click Captcha


Captcha ensures both ease of use and security in every interaction.
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Why do you need a captcha?
Protection to weed out bots that want to get into the site for different purposes.

1. Spam protection. Bots can send ads, leave spam comments and reviews.
2. Protection against DDoS attacks - when a lot of requests are sent to the site at the same time, which the server cannot physically process, and the site will crash. Captcha can hold back this flow.
3. Protection against brute forcing. A person will get tired of picking up logins and passwords in order to hack the site. And the robot can do this endlessly and sooner or later generate suitable ones if it is not stopped in time with the help of captcha.
4. Protection against interception of goods in online stores. This is often practiced during sales and promotions on the site: bots imitate user actions, "buy" all goods, intercepting them from real users.
5. Protection against data parsing. Competitors will receive important information.

Disadvantages of captcha
1. It is inconvenient for the user. When you have to peer into an illegible set of letters and numbers, and if you make a mistake, start over. It is inconvenient that it is easy to make a mistake: it is difficult to distinguish the letter “O” from the number “0”. It's inconvenient that the captcha cannot remember that I'm not a robot, and appears again and again.
2. Entering captcha is always an unnecessary action, and we remember that user interaction with the site should be minimized by clicks. Accordingly, the captcha on the site worsens the usability, and at the same time the conversion.

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