How to bypass Geetest v4 CAPTCHA


Recenly Geetest launched new version of their CAPTCHA: v4. The captcha challenge is quite similar to the previous version, you still need to move a slider to solve a puzzle.
You can check how does it look on our demo page.

We've added a new method to our API that will allow you bypass the CAPTCHA challenge automatically.

Collect the captcha parameters
To successfully bypass the captcha you need to grab just two values:

  • captcha_id (please don't confuse it with the id if your captcha in our system) - the unique ID of the captcha attached to a website/page
  • pageurl - the URL of the page where you bypass the captcha
The captcha_id value can be found on the HTML source of the page inside the <script> tag that includes the Geetest javascript code on the page.

Interact with our API
When you have all required values submit the captcha to in.php endpoint of our API with the following parameters:
Then use the returned id of your captcha to make request to res.php API endpoint. Once the captcha is solved you will receive the answer in JSON format:
    "captcha_id": "e392e1d7fd421dc63325744d5a2b9c73",
    "lot_number": "7fafac97a43d4701aee908afa49c73ba",
    "pass_token": "6f1c27bd15777d5e9e6e1ba94604c28e7b13b94eed3f7c8b79ceaf4660da6320",
    "gen_time": "1648112802",
    "captcha_output": "FEB0Fyp2UEcHdeFQ0PEN-BHenkuCzlpmfX_OLXuf49iF_rPvbjYc9whxQg-sYOCPSzX_19HF0gCPgSoAZ-JPxE46ddE7L6y0J-D_5CcMnT0IYKHFK-NdcBo_m6nISKrpSH3QE9l5r53UTChJdR-bOJPO20gA0bgPEMvDCew7UkQ="

Use the returned values to construct the request to your target website. The best way to do that is to look how the data is sent when you bypass the captcha manually and then to do the same replacing the request content with the data received from our API.

The detailed API description is available in our API docs.

The price for 1000 solutions is $2.99.

Start bypass Geetest v4 CAPTCHA