How to bypass hCaptcha


hCaptcha is a relatively new type of captcha, which is very similar to reCAPTCHA V2, but has some visual differences, albeit a very similar solution method.

The top online services rely on hCaptcha Enterprise for best-in-class bot and fraud management. hCaptcha stop more bots than other captchas. 2Captcha allows to solve captcha service automatically. Just use the captcha bypass API.


Bypass hCaptcha
The process of bypassing this captcha is very similar to bypassing reCAPTCHA:
  1. You need to find sitekey , which is specified in the data-sitekey property of the script tag in the HTML code of the page.
  2. Using the found sitekey value and the URL of the page that displays hCaptcha, send a request to our API, as described in documentation for the corresponding method.
  3. Put the token received from us in the fields with the name (name attribute) g-recaptcha-response and h-captcha-response .
  4. Submit the form.
This can be easily done from the browser with a few lines of javascript code:
let submitToken = (token) => {

document.querySelector('[name=g-recaptcha-response]').innerText = token

document.querySelector('[name=h-captcha-response]').innerText = token




Or you can compose an appropriate POST request with the desired values.

That's all.

The cost of the solution is the same as that of reCAPTCHA, 160 rubles per 1000 tokens. Start bypass hCaptcha
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