How to bypass KeyCAPTCHA


Puzzle captcha is easy to use and an effective way of fighting off spam and bots.

2Captcha helps bypass KeyCaptcha online. Just best captcha solving API.

Users are invited not to solve examples or enter text, as is the case with a standard captcha, but to put together a puzzle. Starting from 2010, the founders of the service, Nikolai Price and Maxim Vladykin, have invested $300,000 of their own funds in it. The project became operationally profitable and brought a good profit to its creators.

The standard captcha has long shown its low efficiency and now it does not present great difficulties for hackers. An entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, Nikolai Price, decided to offer a more reliable solution. In 2010, together with Maxim Vladykin, they created the Keycaptcha service. The experiment showed that the idea of solving the puzzle is successful: more than 98% of users put the puzzle together correctly the first time.

In addition, the service solves another urgent problem. “Imagine a visitor writing a long comment or filling out a form with more than ten fields. If almost all captchas are incorrectly solved, visitors must choose: either re-fill out the form, or click on the “cross” and leave the site,” Vladykin explains. In the case of Keycaptcha, if the solution is incorrect, the entered data is not lost, but only the puzzle itself is updated.

Currently, Keycaptcha is used by more than 200,000 sites around the world. The share of clients from the CIS and Russia is about 20%.

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