How to bypass Recaptcha_v2


reCaptcha provides more reliable bot detection while being simple for humans to solve. Stop malicious bots, protect user privacy. Captcha is free to use for publishers of any size. More control that need class-leading security.

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User interaction is the most important component in the process of maintaining your site. Commenting forms, feedback forms, registration and authorization on the site, the ordering process - all this refers to the most important moments of interaction with users.

The main obstacle to effectively interacting with your users is the multitude of spammy users, fake registrations and bots that are constantly trying to attack your site. Almost every site on the Internet faces these problems. You can fight spam comments manually, for example, by deleting them yourself. You can also reread and filter all emails coming from your contact forms. But all this is a rather complicated process. How, for example, to deal with mass mailings? How to prevent automatic registrations on the site? As your site grows, this can become a very exhausting job and take up almost all of your free time.

CAPTCHA is short for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart". With the help of this computer test, you can effectively determine who is using the current system - a computer or a person, that is, identify the so-called "bots".

Today, such Captchas are very easily recognized and bypassed by bots. Therefore, there was an urgent need for more reliable Captchas.

reCAPTCHA is an advanced form of CAPTCHA. Google acquired CAPTCHA technology in 2009 and subsequently changed its name to reCAPTCHA. The first CAPTCHAs required the user to enter characters that were specially distorted, translucent, and overlaid with noise (noise). If the user correctly entered the specified characters into the form, then his actions on the site were authorized. The reCAPTCHA technology has greatly simplified the process of passing the test for users. Basically, this process consists of the user checking a simple checkbox confirming that he is “Not a robot” (“I’m not a robot”).

reCAPTCHA v2 is an improved version of simple captchas that appeared in 2012 and remains the most popular version of captchas today. reCAPTCHA v2 checks if the user is not a "robot", with the need to select the checkbox "I'm not a robot" ("I'm not a robot").

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