How to bypass Rotate Captcha


A Rotate Captcha is a type of captcha in which you need to rotate the images in order to solve it. The most popular is FunCatcha.
2Captcha allows to solve captcha service automatically. Just use the captcha bypass API.


Why are you being shown captcha?

Most common reasons:
1. The service is accessed too often from your IP.
2. You are not logged into your account.
3. Your browser does not store cookies.

How to bypass Rotate Captcha?
1. Install the 2captcha extension in your browser, log in and all captchas will be bypassed automatically.
2. Reduce the number of calls to the service.
3. Turn on your VPN or proxy and log in from an EU country.
4. Disable your ad blocker on this site (if you have Adblock or similar installed).
5. Check the permission to write cookies in your browser settings.

Demo page with examples of Rotate Captcha
Use our extension to bypass captchas automatically
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