How to bypass Text Captcha


Text Captcha is a type of captcha that is represented as text and doesn't contain images. Usually you have to answer a question to pass the verification.
Captcha is usually used on the registration page to protect against spam bots.

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When the captcha is shown
- Registration on the site. The user is prompted to fill in the required fields and enter the captcha.
- When you need to take action on the site: leave a comment, write a message.
- Depends on a situation. The system reacts to suspicious activity. For example, you reply to messages too quickly or like too much. Entering the captcha will help verify that you are not a bot.
- Constantly. This is the most negative scenario, when captcha interferes with viewing the site and performing actions. It is launched if the site's security system "decided" that you were trying to hack it or pick up a username and password. In this case, the captcha will be shown every time you enter the site, enter your username and password, or try to perform any action.

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