How to complete a captcha on LinkedIn


LinkedIn uses a captcha type, Arkoselabs Funcaptcha. Today we'll figure out how to get around it.

A captcha is an automatically generated test to see if the user is a human or a computer. In the vast majority of cases, it is a distorted inscription of letters and / or numbers. They can be written in various color combinations using noise, distortion, superposition of additional lines or arbitrary shapes.


A very popular type of captcha in the format of simple logical or arithmetic problems that can be solved by a user from 5 to 100 years old. There may also be options with rotating images clockwise or counterclockwise in accordance with the conditions of the task or transcription of voice messages.

2Captcha is an automatic captcha bypass service. The best Linkedin captcha solver API by link.


Disadvantages of LinkedIn captcha:
- Inconvenience for the user. Such seemingly simple tasks make people spend extra time and nerves. Linkedin is losing its users who are too lazy to solve captcha. A few years ago, a study was conducted on the negative impact of captcha on conversion. If in the case of purchases, the user can be motivated enough not to quit the process due to typing characters, then this may be more likely to influence the decision to write a comment or review in the service.

- Impact on website performance. The use of third-party scripts leads to a decrease in site loading speed. The captcha is loaded from the server Arkoselabs, so it will take some time before it is fully displayed on the page. The impact on speed may not be very critical, but it is extremely important to enable the widget only on those pages where it is really needed.

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