How to complete a captcha on Outlook


Outlook is an assistant in collecting all letters in one place, a product from Microsoft. It can facilitate interaction with partners, colleagues and the entire company.

Outlook uses Funcaptcha protection against bots from Arkoselabs, but sometimes even people need to bypass it. How to do it?


Why do companies like Outlook need to use captchas?
First of all, it is worth saying that it is not clear why Microsoft has not yet developed its own type of captcha. Using a third-party product from Arkoselabs, Outlook protects its users from:
1. Account hacking.
2. Spam.
3. Spread of viruses.
4. Automatic actions of bots.

How can I bypass Funcaptcha in Outlook?
2Captcha is an automatic captcha bypass service. The best Outlook captcha solver API.

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