how to do domain parking


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I'm thinking of making an internet-shop and as I get it, there is sense of registering the same name in a different zones like .com and .net (as well as name with popular typos) to evade cybersquatting.
Also I heard that I even can make some money from domain parking.
But I'm doing this for the 1st time and so want to hear some advices.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi, Tara!

You got the main conception correctly: you need to own as much as possible domain names that can be used by users trying to find your site. Sometimes people types wrong zone (i. e. ".com" instead of ".net") or just make a typo (i. e. "world-tuors" INSTEAD of "world-tours"). In case you own such domains, you have different options:
- you can simply redirect all traffic to your main site
- you can park unused domains on a special services who will show ads there and pay you for clicks (can be really profitable with names that is similar to popular brands or sites, where there such typos often takes place)
- you can sell your domain to another company if their site has similar name, so they would be interested in additional traffic.