How to find JS elements from chrome console by using python selenium


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I am having a code to solve Recaptcha by using python selenium, everything is working ok.

and I just want to refine it > whenever running this code, I want to make sure the js elements ___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].I.I is correct. this element can rotate into different values from time to time, for some examples:


you can see the last two items can be changed.

I just know how to inspect it manually on chrome, see the pic,

enter image description here

but how about check it by selenium? so that I can auto-apply into my code.

here is my code, a lot of code, but you can just see the final line I apply for this js element in selenium:
# request post send to 2captcha------------------
my_request_post = rf"" \
                  rf"?key={my_api}" \
                  rf"&method={method}" \
                  rf"&invisible=1" \
                  rf"&googlekey={data_sitekey}" \

# request ticket from recaptcha v2-----------------------
startime = time.time()
print('start request to 2captcha')
resp = requests.get(my_request_post)
if resp.text[0:2] != 'OK':
quit('Service error. Error code:' + resp.text)
print(f'return captcha_id:  {resp.text}')
captcha_id = resp.text[3:]     # get the ticket

# the request post with ticket ask for solving recaptcha----------------------
request_2captcha =  rf'' \
                    rf'?key={my_api}' \
                    rf'&action=get' \
                    rf'&json=0' \

# as offical document suggested, wait for 15 secs-----------------
print('wait for 15 sec')

for i in range(1, 50):
    time.sleep(5) # wait 5 sec
    resp = requests.get(request_2captcha)
    print(f'attempt request cycle: {i}  | resp.text: {resp.text}')
    if resp.text[0:2] == 'OK':

# vialidation code that apply back to the site----------------------------
result  = resp.text[3:]  
driver.execute_script(f'document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-response").innerHTML = "{result}"')  
driver.execute_script(f"___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].I.I.callback = '{result}'")