How to link photos to the map?


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Hi. We monitor the accessible environment (for people with limited mobility) in the city and take pictures of urban infrastructure objects with geotags, so that later it would be possible to place them on maps. Previously, in Google Maps, it was possible to upload a large number of photos to your map at once, and the photos were automatically located on the map, depending on their location, which was very convenient. The streets surveyed, click on a certain photo and immediately find this problem area on the map. The Yandex photos service had a similar functionality, you could open an album and then display all photos from the album on Yandex maps. Yandex closed this functionality altogether. Google Maps - My Places - has changed its functionality in such a way that it cannot be used. I uploaded photos to the Google Photos service - I created an Album, I'm trying to place them on the map - I add a layer to my places and there is no way to upload photos from a computer, but only from existing albums, but the service itself splits the album into several, while out of 59 photos, only thirty.

Actually the question is, how can you now implement batch binding of photos to a card? You can use any, not only Google Maps. If there are no free solutions, then please advise paid solutions, possibly with placement on your own website.