How to solve Geetest v4 captcha



Geetest recently launched a new version of their captcha: v4.For the user, captcha differs little from the previous version, the user needs to move the slider in order to complete the puzzle.
You can see how this captcha looks like on our demo page.

We have added a new method to our API that allows you to automatically solve this type of captcha.

Search for captcha parameters​

To bypass the captcha, you need to define only two values:
  • captcha_id(please do not confuse with your captcha ID in our system) - unique captcha identifier associated with the site/page
  • pageurl- URL of the page where you bypass the captcha
The value captcha_idcan be found in the HTML code of the page inside the tag <script>that includes the javascript captcha code on the site.

Interaction with our API​

When you have all the required parameters, send a request to in.php, including the following required parameters:
Then use the captcha id you received in the response to request an answer from res.php. Once the captcha is solved, you will get the result in JSON format:
"captcha_id": "e392e1d7fd421dc63325744d5a2b9c73",
"lot_number": "7fafac97a43d4701aee908afa49c73ba",
"pass_token": "6f1c27bd15777d5e9e6e1ba94604c28e7b13b94eed3f7c8b79ceaf4660da6320",
"gen_time": "1648112802",
"captcha_output": "FEB0Fyp2UEcHdeFQ0PEN-BHenkuCzlpmfX_OLXuf49iF_rPvbjYc9whxQg-sYOCPSzX_19HF0gCPgSoAZ-JPxE46ddE7L6y0J-D_5CcMnT0IYKHFK-NdcBo_m6nISKrpSH3QE9l5r53UTChJdR-bOJPO20gA0bgPEMvDCew7UkQ="
Use the values from the response to assemble the request to the site. The best way to do this correctly is to see what request goes to the site after you have solved the captcha manually, and then repeat it using the data received from our service.

A detailed description of the API is available in documentation.