How to solve “I’m not a robot” captchas


Finally you can pass recaptcha without browser emulation on any site. Here is a short instruction on how to do that:

1) On the page where you’ve encountered “I’m not a robot” recaptcha, look at the element’s code


2) Find a link that begins with ""

3) Copy the "k" parameter from that link (after “k=”)

4) Send us GET-request in this form:
where YOUR_CAPTCHA_KEY is your key from
%googlekey% is the "k" parameter from the previous step
%URL% is the link to the page where you see the ReCaptcha.

5) You will receive the response in the form of:
where Captcha_ID - is the id of the captcha in our system

6) After 5-10 seconds make a request to our server in the following form
YOUR_CAPTCHA_KEY is your key
Captcha_ID - is the captcha’s id from the previous step

As a response you will receive:
where %responce% is the answer for passing recaptcha.

7) In the element inspector find the line that starts with textarea_id="g-recaptcha-response"

8) Delete the part "display: none;"

9) On the initial page with the “I’m not a robot” captcha now there will appear an input field:

10) Enter the %responce% that you’ve received from our server

11) Click the "Submit" button

12) You’ve passed the recaptcha!

As you see you can complete all o f this actions without using the browser. Here is some additional information that will help you in passing captchas:

1) K-parameter is constant and doesn’t change. It can only be changed if the webmaster decides to do so manually.

2) The answer that you’ve received from our server is only valid during 120 seconds (from the moment our worker produced it).

3) You can receive the recaptcha answer first and only then open the page where it will be used. You can work in multithreaded mode:

you can first receive several codes for passing recaptcha for a single site and use them later at once. It is important to remember that each code can be used only once and only within 120 seconds after our woker solved it.

4) You can receive following answers from our server:

It means that the worker hasn’t completed the captcha yet

Something went wrong:
a) You’ve uploaded googlekey that doesn’t exist
b) Google has changed its algorhytms, which made our algorhytms to malfunction
c) The workload is too high and our workers can’t solve the captcha in the period of 90 seconds.
d) Possibly you are in SandBox mode - please go to and check that it's switched off.