Human Emulator



You can do with the Human Emulator:
  • Auto-fill forms, text boxes, and other elements on any website like a human.
  • Extract and sorting data(the prices, analytics, keywords, images, products etc.) and report generation. Parsing any data with possibility of saving in various formats.
  • Full automation of social networks.
  • Website promotion automation. Automation any SEO tasks. Filling the site (blog, online store etc) by content.
  • Website testing by user emulation.

Human Emulator features:
  • Multithreading. Can run many browsers simultaneously with multithreading.
  • 100% browser emulation with Internet Explorer or Chromium.
  • Supports http, https proxy, Socks 4, 4/5, 5.
  • Solve captchas manually or remotely with built-in third-party service integration including ReCaptcha 2.0.
  • Mouse move and click and full keyboard emulation using events sending or real mouse and keyboard.
  • Disabled ip tracking through WebRTC.
  • Supports flash, javascripts, ajax, etc(can be disabled).
  • Load data from file/url/string.
  • Works with database.
  • Works with FTP. Allows to automate uploading and downloading files through FTP.
  • Works with browser fingerprints.
  • Cookie Management. Save, store, clear, and load or create cookies.
  • Cache Management. Save, store, clear any cache files.
  • Browser settings management. Useragent substitution, accepts, enable/disable images, frames, sounds, messages etc.
  • Record actions and automatically convert them into scripts using tools the Macros and the Code Helper.
  • Find and fix errors quickly and easily with Human Emulator Studio’s built-in PHP debugger.
  • Find, scrape, and save any web page content.
  • Send, receive, and scan emails using POP, SMTP and IMAP.
  • Can type and click into any window on your PC.
  • Developer tools integration.
  • Automate Web Upload/Download.
  • Any attributes of elements of the page can be changed, added or deleted.
  • Built-in tools for working with DOM elements - Inspector, Tree, List.
  • Remote control. Can be installed on the server and manage it from another PC.
  • Available all the functionality of programming languages C #, PHP, Java Script and Phyton.
  • You can use any existing C#, PHP, Java Script and Phyton code in the Human Emulator.
  • Human Emulator library for .NET. Using XHE.dll for .NET you can develop your own applications.
  • Computer vision. Identifying web page elements using their photo with computer vision.

Human Emulator has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system