HWM bot worker



Security: the algorithm for getting a job has been improved several times and passed numerous checks: at the moment, none of the characters using the program have received a warning and have not been blocked.

Resilience: the bot is able to handle abnormal situations

Convenience: customize the program for yourself. How often does a bot get a job, whether to show the process of the device or to do it "quietly", whether to try to get a job at a more profitable, but less affordable Production, or to limit itself to the always available Production.
Enter all the parameters once and forget about them. The program will save your settings so you don't have to enter them every time.
If you forgot what the button does, hover over it, a hint will appear.

The program can hide in the tray and work from there.
Telegram communication. Create your own telegram bot and receive notifications from the program. It is enough to enter the bot telegram token, chat number and enable the "Receive notifications" setting. Send commands and get instant status updates.

Will you say the telegrams are blocked? -Configured to use proxy addresses.

Versatility: we launch several copies of the program at the same time and enter the data of different characters - the bots will work simultaneously without interfering with each other.
Modernity: The bot was developed in 2019 by a fan of the game using modern technical solutions.
Perspectives. Almost all planned functions have been implemented for the worker bot. For the future, it is planned to teach the bot to solve Recaptcha.

Program support. I will give you a hint, I will help you with the setup if you have any problems.

HWM bot worker has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha