iMacros script for



Script for collecting money for the Money City service.
For work you need Firefox and the iMacros plugin.
Works with rucaptcha and antigate.

Install Firefox and the iMacros plugin to get started.
Then go to my documents and unzip the archive into the iMacros folder
Open the Datasources folder and the payeer.csv file with any text editor Instead of SERVICE, specify the anti-captcha service:

1 - rucaptcha
2 - antigate
3 - Social Link

Instead of API_RUCAPTCHA, specify API to rucapche, located here, or instead of API_ANTIGATE, specify API to antigate, or instead of API_SOCIALLINK, API to SocialLink
Instead of Payeer, your paer wallet
Then open Firefox and run the script

iMacros script has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system