ImagetyperzAPI (client) is a super easy to use bypass captcha API wrapper for captcha service

npm install imagetyperz-api-client
git clone

How to use?
ImagetyperzAPI (client) uses promise handling

Simply require the module, set the auth details and start using the captcha service:
<!-- Load jQuery (dependency) -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Load the API library -->
<script src="../lib/imagetyperz-api-client.js"></script>
Set access_token for authentication

// get access token from:
Once you've set your authentication details, you can start using the API

Get balance
const balance = await imagetyperzapi
console.log('Balance:', balance)

For solving a captcha, it's a two step process:
  • submit captcha details - returns an ID
  • use ID to check it's progress - and get solution when solved.
Each captcha type has it's own submission method.

For getting the response, same method is used for all types.

Image captcha
var captcha_params = {}
// captcha_params.iscase = 'true';         // case sensitive captcha
// captcha_params.isphrase = 'true';       // text contains at least one space (phrase)
// captcha_params.ismath = 'true';         // instructs worker that a math captcha has to be solved
// captcha_params.alphanumeric = '2';      // 1 - digits only, 2 - letters only
// captcha_params.minlength = 2;           // captcha text length (minimum)
// captcha_params.maxlength = 6;           // captcha text length (maximum)
const b64captcha = '/9j/4AAQJRgABAQA...'   // captcha image encoded as b64
const captcha_id = await imagetyperzapi.submit_image(b64captcha, captcha_params)
ID is used to retrieve solution when solved.

Observation It works with URL instead b64 image too