imagetyperzapi is a super easy to use bypass captcha API wrapper for captcha service

git clone

How to use?
use ImageTyperzAPI;

There are 2 ways of authenticating with the server. With access_token or username and passord. We encourage you to use the token based authentication because it's more secure and username & password authentication might be removed at some point from the API libraries.

All the methods that end with _token will be used for token authentication

Get balance

Image captcha
Submit image captcha
# without optional parameters
my $captcha_text = ImageTyperzAPI::solve_captcha_token($access_token, 'captcha.jpg', '1');
# with (all) optional parameters set
# token [or username & password if legacy], image, case sensitive, is phrase, is math, alphanumeric, minlength, maxlength, refid
my $captcha_text = ImageTyperzAPI::solve_captcha_token($access_token, 'captcha.jpg', 'true', 'true', 'true', '2', '1', '7');