imagetyperzapi is a super easy to use bypass captcha API wrapper for captcha service

git clone

How to use?
use ImageTyperzAPI;
There are 2 ways of authenticating with the server. With access_token or username and passord. We encourage you to use the token based authentication because it's more secure and username & password authentication might be removed at some point from the API libraries.

All the methods that end with _token will be used for token authentication

Get balance

Image captcha
Submit image captcha
# without optional parameters
my $captcha_text = ImageTyperzAPI::solve_captcha_token($access_token, 'captcha.jpg', '1');
# with (all) optional parameters set
# token [or username & password if legacy], image, case sensitive, is phrase, is math, alphanumeric, minlength, maxlength, refid
my $captcha_text = ImageTyperzAPI::solve_captcha_token($access_token, 'captcha.jpg', 'true', 'true', 'true', '2', '1', '7');

Submit recaptcha details
For recaptcha submission there are two things that are required.
  • page_url
  • site_key
  • type - can be one of this 3 values: 1 - normal, 2 - invisible, 3 - v3 (it's optional, defaults to 1)
  • v3_min_score - minimum score to target for v3 recaptcha - optional
  • v3_action - action parameter to use for v3 recaptcha - optional
  • proxy - proxy to use when solving recaptcha, eg. or - optional
  • user_agent - useragent to use when solve recaptcha - optional
my $recaptcha_params = [
    token      => $access_token,
    #username => $username,       # for legacy auth
    #password   => $password,      # for legacy auth

    action     => 'UPLOADCAPTCHA',
    pageurl    => 'page_url_here',
    googlekey  => 'sitekey_here',

    # v3
    recaptchatype => '3',        # optional, 1 - normal recaptcha, 2 - invisible recaptcha, 3 - v3 recaptcha, default: 1
    captchaaction => 'homepage', # optional, used in solving v3 recaptcha
    score => '0.3',              # optional, min score to target when solving v3 recaptcha

    # proxy
    proxy => '',        # or '' with auth - optional
    proxytype => 'HTTP', # if proxy is used, un-comment this as well, only HTTP supported for now

    # other optional parameters
    useragent => 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0', # optional
    'data-s' => 'recaptcha data-s value', # optional
    affiliateid => '12344'    # affiliate id - optional
my $captcha_id = ImageTyperzAPI::submit_recaptcha_token($recaptcha_params);

This method returns a captchaID. This ID will be used next, to retrieve the g-response, once workers have completed the captcha. This takes somewhere between 10-80 seconds.

Retrieve captcha response
Once you have the captchaID, you check for it's progress, and later on retrieve the gresponse.

The in_progress($access_token, $captcha_id) method will tell you if captcha is still being decoded by workers. Once it's no longer in progress, you can retrieve the gresponse with retrieve_recaptcha_token($access_token, $captcha_id)

while(ImageTyperzAPI::in_progress_token($access_token, $captcha_id))
    sleep(10);# sleep for 10 seconds

my $gresponse = ImageTyperzAPI::retrieve_recaptcha_token($access_token, $captcha_id);