Kik Bot Autoresponder



Multi-thread bot autoresponder for the Kik app. Full emulation of work with Android device, customizable dialog.
Software emulate work from android device.

  • Answers by lines (in order)
  • Answers by keywords
  • In answers possible to use 4 tokens — %n, %s, %p and %p2
    %n — will be replaced to username(login of user)
    %s — to send web history link(active link) Choosing a link to be sent randomly
    %p — to send picture from camera (Live Pic)
    %p2 — to send second picture(Picture from different directory) from camera (Live Pic)
    Spintax — support for randomization of messages {msg1| msg2| msg3| msg4}

Kik Bot Autoresponder has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system