Lemin Cropped Captcha: History of Creation, Opportunities, Statistics and Difficulty of Crawling



With the development of the Internet and the increase in the level of online activity, protection from automated programs and bots has become one of the main tasks for websites. One of the most popular security measures is the use of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). In this article, we'll take a look at Lemin Cropped Captcha, the new CAPTCHA type, its creator, features, statistics, and bypass difficulty.

1. History of creation
Lemin Cropped Captcha was developed in [year] by [name of developer] in order to improve existing methods of protection against automated bots. This new type of CAPTCHA is based on cropped images, requiring the user to select certain pieces or objects in order to successfully pass the verification.

2. Features
Lemin Cropped Captcha offers a number of benefits that make it an effective defense against automated programs. Here are some of its main features:

a) Cropped images: Unlike standard CAPTCHAs, Lemin Cropped Captcha uses images that have been cropped to fragments or objects. This makes it harder for the bots to recognize and select the correct pieces.

b) Responsiveness: Lemin Cropped Captcha can be customized for different difficulty levels depending on the specific website or application. Developers can adjust the number and complexity of fragments in an image to create the most effective protection.

c) Flexibility: This type of CAPTCHA supports various types of tasks, including selecting the correct snippets, tracing specific objects, or other specific tasks. This allows you to create unique and customized checks for each website or application.

3. Statistics
Since Lemin Cropped Captcha is a new type of CAPTCHA, statistics may be limited. However, in the first studies and practical applications, this method showed high efficiency in terms of protection against automated programs and bots. The results of research and real experiments have shown that Lemin Cropped Captcha significantly reduces the possibility of bypassing the automation system, and also increases the security level of websites and applications.

4. Difficulty bypass
Lemin Cropped Captcha was designed with the complexity of the task for automated programs in mind. The task of selecting the correct fragments or objects in cropped images requires a high degree of visual recognition and understanding, which makes it difficult to bypass the automation system. Bots and scripts will have difficulty recognizing and selecting the correct snippets, which makes Lemin Cropped Captcha bypass significantly more difficult compared to other CAPTCHA types.

Lemin Cropped Captcha is a new type of CAPTCHA that has been developed to improve the security of websites and applications. Its features such as cropped images, adaptability and flexibility make it an effective defense against automated programs and bots. Currently, statistics on its use may be limited, but early studies show the high effectiveness of Lemin Cropped Captcha in securing online platforms. Due to the difficulty of bypassing the system, Lemin Cropped Captcha becomes a reliable choice for protecting websites and applications from automated attacks.

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