LikesRock script



Instructions for setting up iMacroz

Installing Mozila and required plugins
So, first, install the latest version of the Mozila Firefox browser. To do this, go here and download it. I think you shouldn't have any problems with the installation.
Installing plugins
Go to about: addons, find iMacros, Adguard plugins and install. After installing Adguard, enable all the checkboxes except the last one. So, we have configured the plugins, move on to setting up the script.

Setting up the script
Download and install the normal text editor Notepad ++. If it is already installed, you do not need to reinstall it. Copy the script itself (everything in the / imacros folder) to the folder
% USERPROFILE% \ Documents \ iMacros \ Macros
It should look like this:
Open the start.js file with Notepad ++. To do this, right-click on the file and click Edit with Notepad ++. Editing the settings, everything is well described in the comments. Further point / * Everything below is not necessary and desirable to change * /

First, you need to log into those social networks that you specified in the config. You need to log in through the Mozila browser from which you installed the plugins. I highly recommend not using your real social media accounts for this. Let me remind you that LikesRock allows withdrawals to Payeer and PayPal payment systems. After you have registered in the payment system and logged into your social networks, we register in LikesRock.

After registration, go to your personal account. Editing your profile, indicating your social media accounts that you will use. Be sure to include your billing information in the Billing Information subsection as well. For each bot category enabled, you should manually complete at least one task from this category in order to make sure you are logged into the social network.

After that, click on the iMacros icon in the Mozila Firefox browser extensions bar. A new menu should appear on the left, select start.js there and click Play.

LikesRock script has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system