LSend OD



LSend OD is a program designed to work in social media. Odnoklassniki network, allows you to conduct promotional mailings and attract people by walking.

With this program you can:
- Effectively attract solvent traffic from classmates
- Earn by advertising your own or someone else's goods or services
- Promote your accounts or groups
- Attract users to your site
- And much more!

The composition of the program:
- Walking
- Newsletter by personal messages of users
- Newsletter by comments in the group feed
- Newsletter by group feed
- Newsletter by comments to user photos
- Mass change of status on accounts
- Parsing users from search
- Parsing groups
- Parsing users from groups

Useful functions:
- Randomization - allows you to generate random texts during mailing
- Multiple accounts - allows you to send mailing or "walking" from multiple accounts
- Antigate - for automatic captcha solving
- Proxy - for anonymity (HTTP, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5)
- Delay between posts - allows you to reduce the likelihood of a ban
- Limit on the number. messages from the account - for more flexible work
- Walking tour with flexible adjustments - will help to attract additional traffic
- Multifunctional parsing - allows you to find what you really need
- Ability to "loop" mailing
- Status bar - changes statuses on accounts
- Projects - convenient work with projects in the program
- And many others!

After purchase, you will receive:
- License for LSend OD with subsequent FREE updates
- Continuous technical support
- Ability to receive big discounts on other software from the Lizard Program
- Access to the closed forum
- Access to your personal account

LSend OD has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system