LSender VK PRO



What are the advantages over LSender VK Standart?

You can engage in various projects without changing the program settings each time, it is enough to fill in the project once. An unlimited number of projects allow you to further automate the entire process of work.

Task Manager
Allows you to assign tasks to the application and the time of their execution, which can almost completely exclude your presence at the computer, and therefore free up time for really important things.

Unlimited number of macros, hundreds and even thousands of macros with convenient management. This will make the randomization really high quality, and the number of VK bans will decrease.

Stop mailing
The ability to ask the program to stop mailing after reaching a certain number of VK bans in order to save your remaining accounts.

User agents
They can be added manually, in unlimited quantities. In addition, it is possible to assign its own browser to each account.

In order not to send to the same places, and accordingly keep accounts longer. The program saves lists of successfully and unsuccessfully sent ones.

Link check
Checking the link to her Vkontakte ban, directly from the program

Additional randomization
With the help of nested randomization, you can make the texts almost completely unique. Replacing the characters you specified in the program, for even more randomization of the text.

Random actions
The program can perform random actions from the account to emulate human behavior, and therefore reduce the likelihood of calculating automatic mailing.

User walls
Mailing to the walls of users - a fairly new look
mailing list that is little used, but brings tangible results

Proxy checker
The built-in proxy checker for the availability of the website allows you to immediately weed out non-working or blocked Vkontakte proxies.

LSender VK PRO has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system