The program is distributed in several licenses, including the free one, which practically does not differ from the standard license, not counting the number of streams.

- Mailing out drugs.
- Mailing to the walls of users.
- Sending "Like" to user posts.
- Sending comments to users' walls.
- Adding to friends.
- Invite friends to the group.
- All methods of distribution of the standard license.
- Mailing to the walls of groups.
- Sending comments to the walls of groups.
- Sending comments to videos of users / groups.
- Possibility of mixed mailing (using several types of mailing).

- Support for plugins starting from the standard license (as well as plugins with additional distribution methods in the extended license).
- Opportunities for fine-tuning the mailing: restrictions, pauses, repetitions, and more.
- Always up-to-date and unique UserAgent (browser ID).
- Storage within the launch - all account data (proxy, UserAgent, Cookies).
- Link distribution system that excludes "thoughtless" use of links.

LSSender has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system