Bulk mailer to send emails using,,,, and or a regular SMTP account
MailerKing is an advanced mass mailer that uses some of the most popular free email providers to mass send emails using their web interface. It can also send emails using regular SMTP accounts. The program can send from multiple accounts at once at a speed that will amaze you. You can load a list of mixed accounts and the bot will recognize the email service for which to use it.

If you upgrade to PRO version you will also be able to do the following:

  • send emails to your account(s) contact list (works for aol, outlook, gmail,, yahoo and accounts).
  • send emails using, and accounts
  • bulk create url aliases for your link(s) using popular url shorteners, or create short links for your URLs located in message, on the fly
  • utility to check your accounts list and separate it into good and bad accounts
  • contacts counter utility: output the number of contacts each account has to a CSV file
  • contacts extractor utility: output all email contacts from your accounts to a TXT/CSV file
  • utility to extract bounced email addresses
  • utility to count account's contacts
  • randomize some pixels in attachment images to make them unique

Winsock based
  1. Runs in multiple threads (multiple accounts at once)
  2. You can create multiple campaigns, each campaign having it's own accounts, email lists and email templates.
  3. Supports huge email lists without affecting memory
  4. Attachment support
  5. send emails using SMTP accounts
  6. send emails to contacts in PRO version
  7. record custom macros that can be executed periodically
  8. disconnect & reconnect to an internet connection
  9. CSV email lists support - make the email message unique by including personal information about receiver
  10. Integration with our RemoteCaptcha system More Info
  11. Multiple recipients per email
  12. Limit the number of recipients per account
  13. Use delay between sending emails
  14. Option to stop the email sending process and start again from where it left at a later time
  15. Crash recovery
  16. Powerful variable (macro) support What's this?
  17. Advanced Proxy Support More Info
  18. Dial internet connections
  19. Free updates with our automatic update system
  20. Can be controlled remotely More Info

Mailerking has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system