My account is suspended

What does it mean?
If you make too many mistakes system will temporary suspend your account. Then moderator will check your answers and make a decision.

If you made mistakes obliviously then moderator will ban your account forever and you will be unable to continue your work or make a payout request.

If your mistakes were unintentional then moderator will unsuspend your account or forward you to training and you will be able to continue to work on our website.

Moderation takes up to 2 working days and you should wait until your account will be checked.
How many mistakes can I make before I get banned?
There's no exact number of mistakes allowed. There's a complex algorithm that analyses complexity of the captcha, time you work, your previous mistakes and even Moon's current phase!
Just always try to provide correct answers. And don't do mistakes obliviously and you will not be banned.