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# TwoCaptcha

TwoCaptcha is a Ruby API for 2Captcha - [].

## Installation

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'two_captcha'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install two_captcha

## Usage

1. **Create a client**

# Create a client
client ='my_captcha_key')

2. **Solve a captcha**

There are two methods available: **decode** and **decode!**
* **decode** doesn't raise exceptions.
* **decode!** may raise a *TwoCaptcha::Error* if something goes wrong.

If the solution is not available, an empty captcha object will be returned.

captcha = client.decode!(url: '')
captcha.text # Solution of the captcha # Numeric ID of the captcha solved by TwoCaptcha

You can also specify *path*, *file*, *raw* and *raw64* when decoding an image.

client.decode(path: 'path/to/my/captcha/file')

client.decode(file:'path/to/my/captcha/file', 'rb'))

client.decode(raw:'path/to/my/captcha/file', 'rb').read)

client.decode(raw64: Base64.encode64('path/to/my/captcha/file', 'rb').read))

> Internally, the gem will always convert the image to raw64 (binary base64 encoded).

You may also specify any POST parameters specified at

3. **Retrieve a previously solved captcha**

captcha = client.captcha('130920620') # with 130920620 as the captcha id

4. **Report incorrectly solved captcha for refund**

```ruby!('130920620') # with 130920620 as the captcha id
# return true if successfully reported

> ***Warning:*** *do not abuse on this method, otherwise you may get banned*

5. **Get your balance on 2Captcha**

# return a Float balance in USD.

6. **Get usage statistics for a specific date**

# return an XML string with your usage statistics.

7. **Get current 2Captcha load**

# return an XML string with the current service load.

## New ReCaptcha

To solve captchas similar to
[reCAPTCHA v2](, you can add
the param 'id_constructor: 23' to your request.

Please read the oficial documentation at for
more information.

client.decode(url: '', id_constructor: 23)

**Captcha (screenshot)**

> the argument is passed as *url*, *path*, *file*, *raw* or *raw64*

![Example of a captcha based on image clicks](captchas/2.jpg)

The response will be an array containing the indexes for each image that should
be clicked counting from left to right. For the captcha above it should look
something like:

# captcha.indexes
[1, 9]

## Notes

#### Thread-safety

The API is thread-safe, which means it is perfectly fine to share a client
instance between multiple threads.

#### Ruby dependencies

TwoCaptcha don't require specific dependencies. That saves you memory and
avoid conflicts with other gems.

#### Input image format

Any format you use in the decode method (url, file, path, raw, raw64) will
always be converted to a raw64, which is a binary base64 encoded string. So, if
you already have this format available on your side, there's no need to do
convertions before calling the API.

> Our recomendation is to never convert your image format, unless needed. Let
> the gem convert internally. It may save you resources (CPU, memory and IO).

#### Versioning

TwoCaptcha gem uses [Semantic Versioning](

#### Ruby versions tested

* MRI 2.2.2
* MRI 2.2.0
* MRI 2.1.4
* MRI 2.0.0

# Maintainers

* [Marcelo Mita](
* [Rafael Barbolo](

## Contributing

1. Fork it ( )
2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)
3. **Run/add tests (RSpec)**
4. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Add some feature'`)
5. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`)
6. Create a new Pull Request
7. Yay. Thanks for contributing :)

All contributors:

# License

MIT License. Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Infosimples.
# 2Captcha